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A2 Fresh cow milk in puducherry

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Price:Rs.50 per 500 ml for Cow Milk

  • Delivery: Free Delivery between 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM
  • Plan Type: Either Daily Delivery plan or Alternate Day delivery plan only available for A2 Milk Subscriptions
  • Quality: Our A2 Milk Lab Tested, quality validate and certified regularly
  • Quantity: Choose how much quantity you need in multiples of 500 ml. Say choose quantity as ‘4’ if 2 litres milk required daily or alternate days
  • Add-On Quantity: Call us or request via client portal whenever you need extra quantity
  • Packaging: Supplied in Well maintained Glass Bottles/ Pet Bottles
  • Flexibility: Anytime pause & resume or cancel subscription per your need
  • Tracking & Payments: Track your invoices and payments via client portal


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Provilac Raw Milk A2 Milk  stands out for its absolute purity. Untouched by humans and devoid of any processing, our Raw Milk is truly delivered directly from farm to table. Because it’s non-pasteurized and non-homogenized, it facilitates Indian household practices of heating and boiling to achieve by-products like cream, butter and ghee.

2 reviews for A2 Fresh cow milk in puducherry

  1. admin

    Good Product

  2. Keerthigasoundararajan

    Milk is fresh and pure. way of packing also good.

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